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Fortress Security Services offers top notch concierge with the trained eyes of security and a emphasis on customer service, to residential communities in Seattle, WA.

Welcome to Fortress Security Services

Since 2009, Fortress Security Services has provided exceptional security services to the businesses and people in Seattle, WA. The company continues to grow because of my exceptional security teams which are dedicated to the profession. From personal security to property and fire watch, my team is the best in the business. Fortress Security also works with veterans, retired police officers, and with colleges to hire criminal justice students.

I first entered into the field of security as a concerned citizen. It is essential that we join forces with the local authorities to deliver our part in the vast equation of a stable community. We will utilize the platform given to us by our patrons and business partners alike, to work relentlessly in helping the police forces to create that tranquility for families and business alike.

That vision cannot be achieved without the dedication of our dynamic team, who battle extreme weather and challenging circumstances. The success of Fortress Security Services is not measured by the size of our growing clientele but by the leadership qualities of our security officers. The guards are the cornerstone of our success. Every new business opportunity that comes our way is not just a task, but it is an opportunity for us as a team to strengthen our community.

Five years ago, I started this company with one client—the Harbor Steps Apartments and commercial buildings in downtown Seattle. In less than one year, my client list grew to over 40 clients. I credit this success to my unwavering commitment to customer service. My motto is “It’s All About The People We Serve.”

Fortress Security Services offers private security for hire to protect visitors traveling in the city. From high-profile executives and politicians, to visiting dignitaries, my team has the technology and training to protect you while you are in Seattle, WA. In 2012, I provided personal security to Her Royal Highness the Queen of Tonga on her visit to the area.

The security and safety of your building is important to me. Fortress Security Services offers property security patrol and fire watch for many commercial buildings in Seattle, WA. From construction security to parking structure security, my team does it all. Fortress Security Services works with the latest technology and equipment to ensure your property is protected at all times.

Large high-rise communities pose unique security threats. With so many people inhabiting a small area, it is crucial that your staff is experienced and diligent in large group safety. Security concierge services combine the art of hospitality with the trained eye of a security guard. My experienced team specializes in providing excellent security, while remaining open and friendly.

For personal security guards, to property surveillance and concierge services, I will handle all of your security needs in Seattle, WA. Contact me today to learn how Fortress Security Services can help!