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My name is D. Deschamps Bamba, and I started Fortress Security Services five years ago. At that time, I had one client in downtown Seattle, WA. The business grew very quickly, and in a short time, I had over 40 clients. My commitment to excellence, along with my slogan, “It’s All About The People We Serve,” has made my company one of the top security teams in the city.

When I started Fortress Security Services, making money was not my primary motivation . I was determined to create a bridge that was lacking between the service provided in the field and the unequivical relationship that we wanted to build with each and every single patron. We did not want to just deliver security services to our client, we were concerned to provide more value, with a smile, to our esteemed clients, partners and the community as a whole. A more secure community is a prosperous community, where businesses will flourish. Our vision is to create a secure environment by community involvement, education and partnership with the local authorities.

We strongly believe that when all segments of our community team up, we can lay down the foundation for a strong and balanced society. There is no prosperous society, without a society that values a more stable environment.

My dedicated staff offers personal security to many visitors traveling in Seattle, WA. My team’s expert surveillance for commercial properties and construction sites has earned Fortress Security Services a stellar reputation in the community. The concierge services I provide to my clients offers owners and tenants peace of mind.

My security team is a highly trained group of dedicated men and women. Every member is constantly tracked using GPS technology. This means you will always know where they are and will only pay for the time they are actually on patrol.

My team is educated on public access, trespassing, and property laws. They can perform no-liability citizen’s arrests and have CPR training. They are skilled in public relations and have been thoroughly screened and bonded. I respect and admire those that serve our country and hire former military whenever possible. I find their skills and ability to remain calm in all situations to be a valuable ingredient to the success of Fortress Security Services.

If you need personal security, commercial surveillance, or property protection, my company provides uniformed guards who are skilled in the psychology of protection. Call Fortress Security Services for all of your security needs.