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Large high-rise buildings that house many tenants have specific safety and security requirements. Many highly populated urban dwellings in Seattle, WA operate like small cities, with shops, banks, and other services located inside. Most owners are looking to integrate trained security to handle the daily interactions with their tenants.

Fortress Security Services offers a team of experienced security guards trained in hospitality. While my security guards perform the duties of a front-desk staff, like greeting the occupants and guests, they are also highly skilled in providing a safe environment to all who enter.

When choosing concierge services for your high-rise community, it is crucial to hire a company that is personable and friendly. My team members work hard to build strong relationships with guests and tenants. They will quickly learn the names and habits of the people living in the building, and they are dedicated to their safety. They will respond immediately to any security concerns, which builds trust with the occupants.

Many people choose high-rise living for the security and limited access that it provides. My concierge services provide diligent surveillance and restricted access delivered in an unobtrusive manner. Guests and tenants will not even be aware that they are monitored.

My staff is committed to providing safety training and emergency education to your residents. They are aware of the safety requirements and drills required by law and will make sure your building is always in compliance.

Concierge services require a delicate balance between making your guests feel welcome and valued and protecting each person from security threats. My staff delivers meticulous surveillance in a warm and friendly way. The team will become a valuable asset to the residents of your high-rise community. Schedule a meeting with Fortress Security Services to learn more about our services.