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According to government standards and laws, many companies are required to employ fire watches. When businesses operate certain equipment, for the protection of the employees and property, a watch must be on duty. Fortress Security Services provides highly trained staff that specializes in corporate fire watch.

It makes sense to hire an outside firm to handle your corporate fire watch. Someone employed by your business to stand watch and look out for fires does not offer the same protection as a trained watch. When you pull a skilled worker from his or her post to perform these duties, it may not be the best use of his or her talent. My staff is knowledgeable about the physical requirements and is well versed in policies and procedures to follow.

OSHA has specific guidelines to follow when an area is deemed a “hot workplace.” There must always be a fire watch, who has current and documented training. My guards have completed the necessary courses to provide expert services to your company.

Fire training and patrol are essential requirements of many businesses. My team is familiar with the equipment that requires monitoring, as well as which extinguishing methods are to be employed for any given circumstance. They are adept at keeping excellent records and are aware of the legal requirements. They are also bonded for added protection.

Choosing a professional team to provide fire patrol is a smart decision. Fortress Security Services offers highly trained individuals that know how to protect your employees and equipment. My team has the proper credentials and experience to handle any size job in Seattle, WA. Schedule an appointment to meet with one of my fire security experts today.